Dmitry Kotunov

艺术家 Dmitry Kotunov

1974 Born in Leningrad
Study in Art School #2
1989 - 1990 Study in art school by Art College named after Mukhina
1991 - 1998 Study in St. Petersburg State Art Academy named after Mukhina (now Shtieglitz Academy), specialty: program design
1993 - first exhibitions in galleries of St. Petersburg


May 2013
Personal exhibition "Cities" in a gallery "Artists` attic"
St. Petersburg

September 2013
Personal exhibition in the library named after Nikolay Rubtsov
St. Petersburg

December 2013
Participation in exhibition in art-space "Enfilade"
St. Petersburg

May-June 2014
Personal exhibition in project institute "Gyprospetsgaz"
St. Petersburg

July 2014
Personal exhibition in Archive Committee of Saint Petersburg
St. Petersburg

November 2014
"Petersburg. Game in association".
Personal exhibition in the Exhibition hall in Moscovsky District
St. Petersburg

March 2015
"Melody of a City"
Personal exhibition in art-cluster "ARTMUSE"
St. Petersburg

October-November 2015
Personal exhibition in the library of the Lisiy Nos village

February 2016
Participation in the exhibition "With easel around the world"
St. Petersburg

April 2016
Participation in exhibition "Spring 2016" in the Union of Artists
St. Petersburg

March 2017
"Edges of the city landscape"
Personal exhibition in the library named after Nikolay Rubtsov
St. Petersburg

August - September 2017
"My St. Petersburg" exhibition of Dmitry Kotunov and Pavel Eskov in the hotel "Domina"
St. Petersburg

September - January 2018
"Under the sky of St. Petersburg" exhibition in Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky St. Petersburg

March - April 2018
Participation in the exhibition "Spring - 2018" in the Union of Artists
St. Petersburg

June - October 2018
Personal exhibition in the office of the directorate of the Bank "Saint Petersburg"
St. Petersburg

September - October 2019
"Petersburg - Moscow" exhibition of St. Petersburg artists in the Federation Council