Vadim Zainullin

艺术家 Vadim Zainullin

Born in Nizhny Tagil. Professionally engaged in painting since 1993. Works in the tradition of the Russian school of landscape painting. Subjects of works: mountain Ural and Ural views. The main theme of the works is the untouched beauty of Russian nature, the breadth of mountain expanses, and the depth of the taiga forest.
2012 - personal exhibition in Nizhny Tagil in the salon "Palette"
2015 - personal exhibition" the World outside the window. Myths and reality" in Lesnoy
2016 - personal exhibition in Kushva in the Palace of culture 2016 - an interregional exhibition of contemporary art "Labyrinth" in Magnitogorsk
2017 - an exhibition of paintings by Kushva artists in the Palace of culture
2017 - exhibition in the house of artists of Nizhny Tagil " Breath of spring"